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Australian related art

I am a huge fan of any kind of art so I absolutely needed to know about Australian art !! I learned a lot about australian culture through paintings, books and other form of creation. Usually, the most famous australian art is the dot painting.

Dot painting

dot   Beautiful isn’t it ? Dot painting comes from the aboriginal culture and usually refers to the Dreaming. That is why these paintings represents nature and animals most of the time. This from of art is passed down from a generation to another. It consists on painting with a wood stick to create dots from different colors. I personally love dot painting because it is colorful and it brings me joy.

The Australian bush

geoge phillips

Australian Bush VIII by George Phillipps

 There are plenty of legends around the australian bush. It is an inspiration for many artists. I totally understand why, to be honest. The Australian bush is such a mysterious landscape ! It is part of the national identity. I chose some piece of art to show you how inspiring the bush can be.


Children Playing with Ball by Drysdale


   Drysdale is actually my favorite artist. I like his use of warm colors and the atmosher he puts in his paintings



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