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Fauna and Flora

Okay, so I think I will maybe make a little less articles so I can put together different days under one topic. I think it will be better for you to follow me without getting bored.

The eucalypts

  eucalypt I could see lots of eucalypts during my Australian discovery. This tree is obviously a symbol of Australia since its leaves are used for so many things. You can use them to make tea, medicines or even honey. The smell is very special and intense. Eucalypts are even more known for being Koalas’ food.


  Koalas are very cute animals ! Actually they are my favourite animals. I like how fluffy they seem to be. They are also an emblem of Australia. It is very rare to see them awake since they sleep almost all day long to digest the eucalypt. They are marsupials like the kangaroos.

kangaroo   Kangaroos are very funny. They carry their babys in their pouch until their are old enough to live by themselves. They are also very strong and fearful. I saw a group of kangaroos on my way to Melbourne and they seemed very timid. I wish I could have touch or feed one of them but the guide said they could be agressive and hurt me with their long legs.

ombatI think you can guess that I love cute animals now. Wombats are maybe the cutest. Maybe you  think they are small like hamsters but in fact they are more the size of a dog. They have a pouch, like kangaroos, but they are put backwards so the dirt doesn’t enter inside when they dig their burrows.I saw some wombats in the australian zoo in Beerwah.

tasmanian devil

  Tasmanian devils are another specie of marsupials. I did not see any of them but I heard about the DFTD. DFTD stands for Devil Facial Tumor Disease, and affects these little nocturnal animals. I think not enough people know about the DFTD and it is very important to preserve this specie from that.

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