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1rst Day (Part 3)

The Australian museum

For my first day in Australia, I decided to disover the australian culture thanks to the Sydney Australian Museum. I wanted to know more about indigenous people especially.

aborigene flag  The aboriginal culture seems to be a huge part of the australian history. Indigenous people were the first inhabitants of Australia. It is a civilization more than 40 000 years old ! Unfortunately, indigenous people are a minority which suffers from alcoolism, a high suicide rate and depression due to their bad integration in society… I saw some aborigines in Sydney but they were quite a few and (it is sad) most of them were homeless.

   Lots of Australians feel guilty about their past and what the settlers did to the aborigines. The government actually apologized through a speach.

 aborigene I personnaly think that the aboriginal people are fascinating. They have very interesting beliefs like the Dreaming. The Dreaming is the time when they dance, paint their bodies or sing to remember their ancestors who created the Earth and Nature. They believe that their Gods are in every object or  living creature in the world.

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