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I started to be very impatient when I was at the airport, the plane was late because of some problems I did not even understand. My suitcases where heavy and I was very cold. Tired people were walking like zombies into the big hall, yawning and smiling at me. When I eventually sat down on the plane’s soft seat I was more tired than ever. It was already 2am and I have been waiting for 2 hours in the hall. The plane took off at 3am. I fell asleep almost immediatly.

plane  A little boy woke me up when the plane was flying above the pacific ocean. I could see with my still sleepy eyes the beautiful turquoise water. I found myself thinking about the thousands of people who had emigrated in Australia through centuries : the convicts full of criminals and military men, the families hoping a better situation of life, the British, the Americans…and me as a tourist.

  I think Australia is a mix of very different cultures and I want to learn how different people can be. I do not want to see the « tourist » version of Australia, I want to be able to understand the spirit of this country.



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